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Poll Update: Argentina's 2019 Presidential Primary

August 08, 2019

There are nine presidential candidates who are in the running for Argentina's October 27 election, but the August 11 primary will filter out candidates that receive less than 1.5% of ballots. #LasPASO

Argentines are about to get a hint of what’s to come. In the primary—known by its abbreviation PASO—on August 11, over 32 million voters are obligated to weigh in on presidential tickets ahead of the October 27 general elections. In doing so, they’ll also decide which candidates won’t make it: tickets must receive more than 1.5 percent to make it to the general election. In the general, if no single presidential ticket receives 40 percent with a 10-point lead or 45 percent outright, a runoff will take place on November 24.

So far, two of the nine presidential candidates lead the pack: Alberto Fernández, who served as a chief of staff in the government of his running mate Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and current President Mauricio Macri, who’s switched up his ticket by naming Peronist Miguel Ángel Pichetto as his running mate for a second term. Polls put Fernández in the lead for the primaries but in a dead heat with Macri in a runoff.

In a race that shows economic concerns ranking high for voters, AS/COA Online takes a look at June and July surveys from pollsters Gustavo Córdoba y Asociados, Federico González y Asociados, and Synopsis.