Peru Explodes into Fiery Protest as Anger over Political Crises Ignites

By Marco Aquino and Adam Jourdan

"Peruvian people are exhausted from all the political machinations, the crime, uncertainty, and stalling growth" said AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth to Reuters.

As Peru careers from one political crisis to another, the country has exploded in protest, with at least seven dead in the last week and the smoke of fires and tear gas hanging over city streets. A way out seems distant.

The spark of the current unrest was the ouster and arrest of leftist leader Pedro Castillo after he tried to dissolve Congress illegally. It followed a months-long standoff where lawmakers impeached him three times, the final time removing him from office. […]

"The Peruvian people are just exhausted from all the political machinations, the crime, uncertainty and stalling growth," said Eric Farnsworth, a vice president at the Council of the Americas and Americas Society. […]

Farnsworth voiced similar concerns. While Peru had a history of volatile politics, it was unclear how things would resolve this time, he said.

"I think this time is somehow different," he said. "There is no real path forward it seems."…

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