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Mapping Argentina's 2019 Gubernatorial Elections

June 20, 2019

Fourteen of Argentina's 23 provinces have already picked new governors. Where have the Peronists and Macri's Cambiemos coalition won so far? Get a map of the situation ahead of the October 27 presidential vote.
4. Neuquén and Río Negro: the only 2 Argentine provinces that have elected governors from local parties instead of Peronistas or Cambiemos candidates. Ojo: Whoever they back in August 11 primaries could play a decisive role in the race for La Casa Rosada.

As the 2019 election season heats up in Argentina, provincial gubernatorial elections are running their course. Fourteen of the country’s 23 provinces have already picked their governors. As the results roll in, the Peronist coalition is tightening its grip on power in most provinces, while the incumbent Let’s Change (Cambiemos) coalition has only one newly elected governor to date in the northern province of Jujuy. (The only other province that currently has a Let’s Change governor is Corrientes in the Northwest, which held elections in 2017.) Governors serve four-year terms and, depending on the province, they can seek indefinite reelection, serve one term, or—in most cases—can seek reelection once to serve two terms

Below, AS/COA Online looks at the gubernatorial election cycle as it begins to set the electoral climate leading up to the general elections on October 27.