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Latin American Art Goes Global With These Expansive Exhibitions

January 26, 2018

For years, art institutions have been criticized for only populating their galleries with artists who were anything but diverse.

Recently, however, a widespread arts initiative has aimed to change that perception by presenting the works of Latino artists across dozens of institutions in Southern California.

The exhibition is called “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.” It was launched in September 2017 with the help of $16.3 million in grants from the Getty Foundation. And soon, this initiative will bring some of these shows to museums and galleries across the country.  

Their goal: rewrite art history.

It sounds ambitious, but it was a necessary move.

In a time where immigration has become a crucial issue dominating our political discourse, “PST: LA/LA” helped Southern California institutions reflect the true cultural makeup of the region. In Los Angeles County, Census data shows that 47.7% of the population identifies as Hispanic or Latin American, but the regional art world didn’t quite reflect the population. “PST: LA/LA” is an attempt to rectify that disparity with exhibitions showcasing the diversity of both art in Latin America and the work of Latin American artists in the United States.

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