Mexico's military

Mexico's military. (AP)


LatAm in Focus: What the Guacamaya Hacks Reveal about Latin American Militaries

By Carin Zissis and Chase Harrison

UC San Diego’s Dr. Cecilia Farfán Méndez and Trend Micro’s Juan Pablo Castro cover the 10-terabyte hack on militaries of five Latin American countries.

“After so many years of opacity and this lack of accountability, all this information that’s come out is seen as fair game.” – Cecilia Farfán Méndez

Juan Pablo Castro
Juan Pablo Castro

But how did it happen that the very agencies in charge of their countries’ cybersecurity ended up getting hacked in the first place? “What is strange in this case, and raises all the flags and alarms here, is that there should be another layer of security in front of those servers to stop those kinds of vulnerabilities because they are well known,” said Director of Technology & Cybersecurity Strategist for Trend Micro Juan Pablo Castro. He tells AS/COA Online’s Chase Harrison why Latin America’s militaries were so susceptible to attacks and whether the identity of Guacamaya matters at all. 

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