How Peruvians View Their Government and Democracy Amid Turmoil

By Jennifer Vilcarino

In the wake of Pedro Castillo’s December impeachment, AS/COA Online looks at public opinion on new leader Dina Boluarte, spiraling protests, and more.

Updated January 27, 2023—In the wake of then-President Pedro Castillo's December 2022 arrest for a self-coup, protests have spread from rural southern Peru to the capital of Lima. Demonstrators are demanding the resignation of his replacement President Dina Boluarte and earlier general elections. On the latter count, they may get their wish; despite a proposal to have elections in April 2024, Congress is debating whether to hold them as soon as December 2023. Meanwhile, key sectors such as tourism and mining are feeling the effects of the political turmoil.

In the aftermath of Castillo’s impeachment, how do Peruvians view Congress, their new president, and the crisis overall? AS/COA Online breaks down new polls.