Harris Heads To Guatemala And Mexico As Part Of A 'Buzz Saw' Assignment

By Tamara Keith and Carrie Kahn

One of the best ways to reduce the impulse of migration is to create opportunities for participation in local economy, said AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth to NPR.

When Vice President Kamala Harris arrives in Guatemala on Sunday for her first foreign trip in office, she'll follow the same politically treacherous path President Joe Biden took when he was in the role. The mission: to help solve deep-seated problems driving tens of thousands of Central American people to try to seek asylum at the U.S-Mexico border.

"She is really picking up where then-Vice President Biden left off," said Symone Sanders, press secretary to Harris…

"One of the ways to help reduce the impulse of migration is to really create a sense of participation in the local economy and opportunities for that to happen," said Eric Farnsworth, who worked on these issues in the Clinton Administration and is now at the Council of the Americas. "That will require some investment, and I think the investment will materialize if the conditions there are appropriate."…

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