Chart: Measuring Latin American Currency Stability and Inflation Rates

By Chase Harrison

Against the backdrop of a strong dollar, see how Latin America’s currencies are faring.

How have Latin American countries weathered the many macroeconomic challenges brought on by the pandemic and other global challenges? 

In many cases, pretty well, XP Investment’s Alberto Bernal told the Latin America in Focus podcast. In a conversation with AS/COA’s Vice President Randy Melzi, he explained that prudent moves by central bankers and governments in countries such as Brazil and Mexico have helped steer currencies on a steady path and kept inflation under control, even amid the rough waves sparked by the Ukraine conflict and Federal Reserve moves. But other countries in the region though have struggled to stabilize in these tricky conditions. 

AS/COA Online reviews the performance of currencies against the U.S. dollar and tracks annual inflation rates in the region’s six largest economies.