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Chart: Latin America's Economic and Business Outlook 2019

November 06, 2019

What’s one reason for the wave of protests in Latin America? Sluggish economic growth. This @ASCOA chart looks at the latest IMF and World Bank numbers for the region in 2019.
Not too many Latin American countries rose in the Doing Business rankings from 2015–2020. But who rose the most? El Salvador, which went up to spot 91 from 109. Take a look at the full DB chart, along with the regional economic outlook for 2019.

What’s one of the underlying causes of a wave of protests across the Americas? Sluggish economic growth. In fact, AS/COA’s Brian Winter has gone so far as to refer to the 2010s as “the decade-long hangover,” referring to the disappointing growth following the commodities boom of the 2000s.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the decade will conclude on a high note at the end of 2019. The International Monetary Fund published its biannual World Economic Outlook report on October 30, with Latin America receiving one of the biggest regional downgrades compared to the April edition. The culprits are by and large social ones: falling consumer confidence, rising uncertainty, the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, and so on. But there are small pockets for optimism too, especially in Central America.

AS/COA looks at the latest WEO, as well as the World Bank’s Doing Business report, also released late last month.