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Chart: COVID-19 Testing, Recovery, and Mortality Rates in Latin America

June 17, 2020

What countries in Latin America are conducting the most COVID-19 tests? Where is the recovery rate highest? Which country has the highest rate of cases per inhabitants? (It's not Brazil.) We break down the numbers each country reported as of mid-June.
We put together a bunch of numbers about COVID-19 testing, recovery, and mortality rates. What's one observation we can make? Cross-country comparisons are difficult, since myriad factors and public policies affect the numbers in different ways.

By mid-June, many countries in Latin America began dipping their toes into the waters of reopening after, in some cases, close to three months of nationwide lockdowns. That doesn’t mean the virus’ spread has necessarily slowed in these countries—quite the contrary.

Different countries’ public health policy responses to the virus vary widely, as do their methodologies for tabulating and reporting testing, mortality, and recovery rates. Some countries have made attempts to record and report as much data as possible (Chile, Peru), while in Brazil, the Supreme Court had to step in on June 8 to order the federal government to restore nationwide data that it took offline two days prior.

Here is a snapshot of where coronavirus testing, recovery, and mortality rates in countries across the region stood as of June 15, with comparisons to a month prior.


Luisa Horwitz and Paola Nagovitch contributed research for these charts. This article was originally published May 20 and has been since updated.