Carin Zissis on CNN


Carin Zissis on CNN regarding the Landslide Win of Mexico's Claudia Sheinbaum

By Amara Walker

"She will be governing more Spanish-speaking women than anywhere else in the world," says AS/COA Online editor-in-chief to the news outlet.

Carin Zissis, editor-in-chief of AS/COA Online, was interviewed by CNN International's Amara Walker about Claudia Sheinbaum's historic election as Mexico's first female president. 

Zissis initiated the interview by giving an overview of the Mexican elections, where "about 20,000 seats across the country are up for election." The editor-in-chief highlighted that Claudia Sheinbaum—the candidate backed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador—won by a landslide, but what was notable is that she beat her main contender, Xóchitl Gálvez, by more than 30 points. 

"She won by about 30 points. It's important to note that she won by more votes than her predecessor—the person who will be her predecessor—the popular president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and she won by more votes, a greater portion of the votes than any other president since Mexico went through a democratic transition. It also appears as though her party has won a two-thirds majority in the lower house of Congress and potentially close to a two-thirds majority in the Senate," said Zissis. 

Sheinbaum's victory is a monumental milestone in Mexico's political history. Not only is she the first female president of Mexico, but as Zissis pointed out, she will also be leading the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and governing more Spanish-speaking women than any other leader globally. 

When asked about AMLO's influence and what the Mexican people expect about her governing style, the expert said we will likely see some continuity in relation to AMLO's government. 

Sheinbaum's political journey began under AMLO's government when he was the mayor of Mexico City, where she served. "He is seen as her political mentor. She's pledged a government of continuity. She's pledged to carry on a reform agenda that he laid out this spring, which is important now that we're seeing that Morena will very likely control Congress," added Zissis. 

Walker asked about the security crisis in Mexico and how Sheinbaum might take action against organized crime and violence. Zissis believes Sheinbaum will maintain AMLO's policies: "We're going to probably see a continuation of some of his policies, of AMLO's policies. He really expanded the military and the National Guard. And there's been a sort of deep militarization in the country." 

Zissis said homicides and other crimes decreased during Sheinbaum's time as mayor of Mexico City. She added that it would be interesting to see if some of the policies she implemented as mayor "could get transferred over into her policies as president."

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