Brazil: Calls Grow for Removal of 'Coup-Mongering' Bolsonaro as Crisis Builds

By Tom Phillips

“This is a major moment for Brazilian democracy,” said AS/COA's Brian Winter to The Guardian.

Prominent leaders of Brazil’s opposition have called for president Jair Bolsonaro to be immediately removed from office to prevent his “coup-mongering, authoritarian delusions” becoming a reality…

Whatever happened, few doubt the week’s drama represents a pivotal and potentially dangerous moment in the modern history of a country that only emerged from two decades of dictatorship in 1985.

“This is a major moment for Brazilian democracy,” said Brian Winter, a Brazil specialist and the editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly.

Winter said he suspected Bolsonaro had been trying to fill the military top brass with more amenable figures who might help shield him from impeachment or come to his rescue if he failed in his bid to win re-election next year…

“Bolsonaro is worried about impeachment and he’s also worried about Lula,” Winter said. “I don’t think you will ever see Jair Bolsonaro hand the presidential sash to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.”…

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