Biden Embarks on First Presidential Visit to Canada

By Anita Powell

"It doesn't make sense for our top trade partner…not to be a party to this negotiation," said AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth in Voice of America.

President Joe Biden has a number of critical issues to discuss with his Canadian counterpart when he makes his first presidential visit to Ottawa, the White House says. These include national security concerns, climate change, trade, migration, the conflict in Ukraine and unrest in Haiti. 

Biden was set to leave Thursday for a one-night visit to Canada’s capital, where he will meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and address parliament on Friday. While there, Biden will discuss “taking concrete steps to increase defense spending, driving a global race to the top on clean energy, and building prosperous and inclusive economies,” said John Kirby, coordinator for strategic communications at the National Security Council. […]

The two nations are major trade partners, but Eric Farnsworth, vice president of the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, said Ottawa should seek closer ties, such as membership in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity. 

“It doesn't make any sense for our top trade partner, our northern neighbor, not to be a party to this negotiation,” he said. 

But, he added, movement in trade ties may take time. 

“These issues aren't new,” he said. “They're not related to one U.S. administration or the other.” 

The White House said the two leaders would also discuss clean energy, economic cooperation and more. Wayne said these deep and broad intersections are a key characteristic of this particular bilateral relationship. 

“I often like to call it ‘intermestic,’ in that it’s international and domestic at the same time,” he said. “The issues are so important for both countries that they're debated domestically, but yet, by definition, they're international because it's between two countries.”

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