Ars Longa Presented by Americas Society is One of the Week’s “Best Classical Music Moments”: The New York Times

By James R. Oestreich

Americas Society brings back Ars Longa de la Habana, a Cuban early-music group, to New York, making it in the top eight picks for The New York Times weekly review of classical music. 

"Before Red Priest blew up the notion of genteel performance practice on Wednesday, Ars Longa de la Habana, a Cuban early-music group, shook it up on Tuesday evening, in a performance in St. Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University. The group performs with a sharp rhythmic drive, and its style often seems on the verge of dance, if not well beyond it. (The concert ended with audience members pulled into the final dance number.) The impulse to shimmy is strongly represented in a performance of Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla’s “Tambalagumba” in Ars Longa’s New York concert a year ago at Corpus Christi Church."

Read the full review and play video from Ars Longa here.