AQ Podcast: Lula 3 So Far

By AQ Online

An expert on the history of Lula’s Workers' Party assesses the president’s third term as it approaches the 100-day mark.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s third term as president of Brazil will soon reach its 100-day mark. The specters of Jair Bolsonaro’s constant attacks on institutions and the insurrection in Brasília on January 8 still loom. The economy is fragile. And there are disputes inside Lula’s party regarding how to address these and other issues. In this episode, we take a long view to try to understand Lula’s recent actions and what they mean for Brazil. Our guest is Celso Rocha de Barros, author of PT, uma história, a history of Lula’s Workers' Party. Rocha de Barros is a sociologist and a...

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