AQ Millennial Issue.


Americas Quarterly Introduces Latin America’s Millennial Leaders

The magazine’s latest issue presents an overview of the state of millennial politics in the Americas.

New York, October 25, 2022—“Polls suggest that millennials in Latin America are less committed to democracy and capitalism, and more skeptical of institutions, than their elders,” write Americas Quarterly (AQ) editors in the magazine’s new edition, “Enter the Millennials,” centering on Latin American's millennial leaders. “They tend to place more importance on addressing climate, inequality and representation of women, indigenous people, and other groups.” In the new issue’s cover story, Andrea Moncada writes, “It’s not that millennials are suddenly giving up on democracy in favor of caudillos, or that our generation is being swayed by socialist ideologies and a desire to tear down the capitalist system.” If anything unites them, she says, it’s the belief that the political class has “failed on its promise to deliver more equitable and just societies.”

Andrea Moncada introduces a nuanced picture of a generation of politicians on the rise in “Can Democracy Deliver for Latin America’s Millennials?” Brian Winter interviews former Chilean President Ricardo LagosAQ editors look at the state of youth in politics in eight Latin American countries. Rich Brown and Martina Graña present viral political moments to show how social media is changing the political landscape for younger generations.

Also in this issue:

  • The AQ Profile: Americas Quarterly profiles Brazilian evangelical leftist Henrique Vieira.
  • AQ Q&A: Ignacio Peña, the founder and executive chairman of Open Space - The Youth Space Program, wants young Latin Americans to pursue space travel.

On Wednesday, November 2, Americas Quarterly and Young Professionals of the Americas (YPA) will host a launch event for the issue entitled, "How Millennials Are Changing Latin American Politics," featuring Andrea Moncada, journalist and political analyst; Brian Winter, Editor-in-Chief of Americas Quarterly; and moderator Luiza Franco, Editor and Podcast Producer, Americas Quarterly. More speakers will be announced. Press and YPA members can register to watch live. A recording of the event will be available November 3.

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