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2016: The Americas by the Numbers

December 15, 2016

1 = extra day in 2016. But it felt longer. Here are other numbers that defined #LatAm2016.
41% = Turnout in Colombian departments that voted No to FARC peace deal vs 31% in Yes ones. #LatAm2016

Although it technically only had one extra day, 2016 felt like a long year for the Americas. Venezuela’s economic unraveling accelerated as the government dug in its heels, officially hitting hyperinflation in December. Argentina is working to right its economic ship, but feeling the pains as the peso closed at a new low at the end of November. Brazil is a long way out of the woods, both economically and politically. Votes in Colombia, Peru, and the United States left deeply divided populations.

So what’s on the upswing? The restaurant business in the ever-opening Cuba, ships coming through the newly expanded Panama Canal, and more people than ever moving to cities, among other things. Here’s a look at the numbers that defined the year for the region.