#womenASCOA: The Next Ten Years

Build inclusion into the core of your business, ask women about their experiences, and get rid of male privilege, said panelists from Globant, EY, and MSNBC.


  • Ted Acosta, Americas Vice Chair, Regional Managing Partner Latam South, EY
  • Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer, Globant
  • Richard Lui, Anchor and Journalist, MSNBC/NBC News (moderator)

Maligned as the word may be, feminism sometimes is as simple as “getting the same opportunities and helping more women have the chances [as] men have,” said Wanda Weigert at the 10th Anniversary Women's Hemispheric Network conference. At Globant, the chief diversity officer’s role is to make sure that the business is completely aligned to the D&I initiative. “It’s not separate; it’s built from the roots of the organization,” she said. “The most important part is how we conceive of and construct our business.”

“If there’s something we’ve got to target in the next ten years, it’s getting rid of male privilege,” said moderator Richard Lui of MSNBC/NBC News. For Ted Acosta of EY, it was instructive for him to recognize as a man in the workplace that “how you got there and how you approach a situation is not how everybody gets there or approaches a situation.” As a manager, “The best way to understand“ these different experiences, he said, “is to sit down with women and ask them and provide forums for them to share their experiences.”