WHN NY 2023: Fireside Chat with Andrew Martin and Ana Dolores Román of Pfizer

The Pfizer executives talked about the importance of gender equality in the workplace and give advice on how to achieve it.


  • Andrew Martin, President, Latin America Cluster, Pfizer
  • Ana Dolores Román, Country Manager Colombia & Venezuela, Pfizer

“We have to be actively inclusive or otherwise you are accidentally exclusive,” said Pfizer's Ana Dolores Román at the 12th Annual AS/COA Women's Hemispheric Network Conference: New York. “We have to be active, and it requires work."

To chart a path forward, Román said, “We have to empower our teams. We have to empower ourselves. [We have] to be critical with how we’re going to deal with these kind of things related to gender diversity.”

The colleagues noted that ushering society toward a more inclusive workforce requires tracking demographic data on hiring, instituting a gender-inclusive culture, and taking action to ensure people are comfortable and reaching their potential.

For Andrew Martin, his inspiration to pursue workplace gender equality stemmed from his childhood. He would see his mother, who was the "CEO of the house," work perhaps even harder than his father, but it was his father who would receive all the credit. That didn't sit well with Martin. As for fixing that same culture in today's workplace, he noted that, "It requires both men and women to be part of the solution. And it requires talking.”

“Men have to be visible advocates for women," he said. "It has to be in a room in front of other people.”