WHN Miami 2023: Workshop—Excavating your Personal Purpose

BCG BrightHouse's Michelle Gerstin and Judy Oh close the conference with an interactive talk on how to find your personal purpose.


  • Michelle Gerstin, Senior Strategy Director, BCG BrightHouse 
  • Judy Oh, Senior Strategy Director, BCG BrightHouse

"Think about how you start to manage your priorities around the things that give you energy, your fulfillment, because purpose hopefully can give you permission to do things that you love but also permission to say no," said Senior Strategy Director at BCG BrightHouse's Judy Oh during a workshop entitled "Excavating Your Personal Purpose "at the 8th AS/COA Women's Hemispheric Network (WHN) Forum in Miami.

Fellow Senior Strategy Director Michelle Gerstin explained that personal purpose is the confluence of who you are and a need in the world. Gerstin and Oh led the audience in completing a worksheet on finding your personal purpose. Gerstin used herself as an example, recounting how her expertise in child psychology and marketing pairs up with the world's need for more understanding.

Gerstin and Oh explained that helping your employees find purpose can also yield increased productivity in the workplace. Meaningful work is important to overall fulfillment and it also delivers increased performance and results, Oh said.