When Women Thrive: A Holistic Approach to Gender Equity in Company Benefits

Experts from Mercer discussed how companies attract and retain female talent through inclusive benefits that support employees throughout their careers.


  • Diego Ramírez, M.D., Partner, Global Consulting, Global Health and Inclusive Benefits Advisor, Mercer
  • Mariya Konovalova, Principal, Global Consulting, Tri-State Racial and Ethnic Diversity Business Resource Group Co-Chair, Mercer
  • Ragnhild Melzi (host), Vice President, Public Policy Programs and Corporate Relations, AS/COA

“Traditional benefits weren’t designed for a diverse workforce,” said Mariya Konovalova of Mercer in a Women’s Hemispheric Network (WHN) workshop on how companies can create a more inclusive and supportive culture. Speakers Diego Ramírez and Konovalova from Mercer, an asset management firm focused on health and wellbeing, outlined the necessary components for an inclusive and holistic benefits package.

“There is a lot of evidence that intersectionality increases the burden on minority populations,” said Konovalova when discussing the social disparities that exist. Inclusive benefits packages must consider the specific needs of minority populations to address these inequalities, Ramírez explained. "'Thrive' doesn’t only refer to the social or financial aspect of wellbeing. It also involves physical and emotional wellbeing." He noted that this is particularly important in the context of the pandemic, saying “For women, the negative impacts of the pandemic in terms of mental health, domestic violence, etc. have been far worse."