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Video: Venezuela and PDVSA's Bonds – What to Expect in 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017


  • Diego Ferro, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Greylock Capital
  • Siobhan Morden, Managing Director, Head of Latin America Fixed Income Strategy, Nomura Securities International
  • Casey E. Reckman, Director, Emerging Markets Economics, Credit Suisse
  • José Enrique Arrioja, Editor-at-Large, Latin America, Bloomberg (moderator)

Will the Venezuelan government and the state-owned oil firm PDVSA be able to make their April bond payments? Do they have the cash flow to avoid default in 2017? Is there a rational argument to making these billion-dollar payments as import levels plummet? Is political change a prerequisite to economic recovery? Panelists discussed these and other questions about the country's turbulent situation.