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Video: The Role of the Private Sector in the Rule of Law in Central America

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


  • José Adán Aguerri, President, COSEP Nicaragua
  • José González Campo, President, FEDEPRICAP Guatemala
  • Aida de Maduro, Vice President, FEDEPRICAP; former President and Member of the Board, CONEP Panama
  • Antonio Mora, Latin American Affairs Analyst; former Network News Anchor (moderador)

Business leaders from across Central America discuss how the private sector can bolster current efforts to fight corruption at the same time as industries contribute to economic prosperity. At the second panel of an event hosted by the Council of the Americas in Washington, panelists talked about recent improvements in Guatemalan institutions and regulations, efforts to modernize borders among countries to facilitate trade flow, as well as the need to align common interests between the private sector and government to improve infrastructure and security.