Video: The Role of Institutional Investors in Latin America's Economic Recovery

Experts discussed how pension funds, asset management firms, and foreign investors can help to finance renewed growth opportunities after the pandemic.


  • Bernardo González, President, Mexican Association of Retirement Fund Administrators (Amafore)
  • Fernando Larraín, Director General, Chilean Association of Pension Fund Administrators
  • Diego Mora, Head of Colombia, Peru, and Central America, BlackRock
  • Susan Greenwell, Senior Vice President and Head of Government Relations, MetLife (moderator) 

As Latin America looks toward recovery from the economic effects of the pandemic, foreign and domestic institutional investors will play an important role in financing renewed growth opportunities. The Council of the Americas hosted a discussion with experts from the region on how governments and the private sector might work best to ensure that these investors are able to fully contribute to the region's economic recovery. Speakers went in depth on the impact on pension funds and asset management firms, as well as other institutional investors in Mexico, Chile, and elsewhere.