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Video Q&A: Medtronic's Liliana Gonzalez on Succeeding in Business

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Given her experience in both the entrepreneurial and corporate world, Liliana Gonzalez discusses the skills needed to succeed in both. Currently a senior regional business director at Medtronic, Gonzalez highlights the difference in relationship dynamics. “In the corporate world, you need to be much more of an influencer and create a lot of relationships because you do have to navigate in a much more complex environment,” she said. Nonetheless, Gonzalez emphasized that the answer to achieveing success is a more personal element: "Who you are, what you believe," she said. "I think that’s the key for everything, being authentic."

Gonzalez also touched upon her international work experience and the give-and-take of mentorship. “People want to help you if they have trust in you,” she pointed out. However, “Do not expect to have a mentor if you are not performing well.”