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Video Q&A: Ingersoll Rand's Maria Blase on Getting Past the Male vs. Female Mindset

Thursday, January 22, 2015

As Ingersoll Rand's president of HVAC and transport Latin America, Maria Blase leads a team in a male-dominated industry. In an interview on the sidelines of the 2nd Women's Hemispheric Network Forum in Miami, Blase shared advice on getting past the male vs. female mindset. Says Blase: "If you come to the team knowing that male-female is just one difference among many differences and you focus on the fact that we are all different, not just I’m different, I think it’ll take some of that pressure away from 'oh I am the only woman in the group.'"

She also explained how her international work experience helped develop her leadership skills, as well as how to articulate your value and connect with the right people that can push you forward in your career. "For mentorship to work, it can’t just be a check the box," she said. "There really has to be a really good personal relationship. There has to be a lot of trust."