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Video: Political and Economic Outlook for Brazil

Thursday, November 1, 2018


  • Joaquim Levy, Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Luis Bitencourt, Visiting Professor, Georgetown University
  • Monica de Bolle, Director, Latin American Studies and Emerging Markets, The Johns Hopkins University - SAIS

"The unifying theme for this election was crime, violence, corruption," and that's where Bolsonaro will start, explained Monica de Bolle as experts discussed in Washington DC what kind of policies can be expected by the incoming Brazilian administration, even as news broke that Judge Sérgio Moro will be his justice minister. Bolsonaro's campaign raised unanswered questions on detailed plans for the economy, trade, and security—the last of which will require input from Congress and the cabinet, said Luis Bitencourt. Joaquim Levy said there are opportunities that could come with the liberalization of the economy, especially in the energy sector.