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Video: Miami Herald's Alexandra Villoch on Gender Diversity and Businesses

Monday, January 26, 2015

While participating as keynote speaker at AS/COA's 2nd Women's Hemispheric Network Forum in Miami, Alexandra Villoch spoke with a young generation of female leaders about the business value of keeping talented professionals in the workforce. The president and publisher of the Miami Herald talked about how her company fosters an environment to hire, retain, and promote talent. "We would not do a good job in reporting out if we were not a good reflection of the community," she explained.

Villoch said a crucial factor to help women progress in their careers is having a flexible schedule, saying that women in leadership positions today have a responsibility to help create a flexible work schedule in their respective companies in order not to lose talent. "We're connected into these devices connected 24-7 anyway. If you are a good performer, you don't really have to be physically in front of us to perform," she explained. 

"[M]y company gave me the flexibility that I needed to never miss one of my daughters swim meets or track meets," said Villoch. "I worked harder as a result and I gave more as a result of that flexibility."

She told her personal story as an immigrant from Cuba who has passed through many sectors in her career, and she advised young women to actively seek their personal mentors.

"Don't be afraid to be true to yourself and don't be afraid to fail," she said. "Perfection is the enemy of innovation, perfection is the enemy of being the first in market, perfection is the enemy of leading the way."