Video: Colombia Elections Outlook – Challenges for the Next Administration

Experts weighed in on the candidates and what these elections will mean for Colombia's political scene in the future.


  • Richard Francis, Director of Sovereign Ratings, Fitch Ratings
  • Diego García-Devis, Senior Program Officer, Open Society Foundations
  • Muni Jensen, Senior Advisor, Albright Stonebridge Group
  • Adriana La Rotta, Senior Director, Media Relations, Americas Society and Council of the Americas (moderator)

"Petro isn’t going anywhere, regardless of if he wins or loses in 2018," said Albright Stonebridge Group's Muni Jensen in this panel at AS/COA in New York about Colombia's upcoming elections. Particpants discussed the changing state of politics in the country ahead of the presidential vote. They covered who's supporting leading candidate Iván Duque and how Gustavo Petro, who polls second, has pushed the electorate and other candidates towards more progressive views. Panelists also looked beyond the election and what the winning candidate will face in terms of security, drug eradication, and economic opportunities for all Colombians.