Video: AQ Launch with Latin America's History-Making "Corruption Busters"


  • Antonio Carlos Welter, Brazilian prosecutor, senior member of the Lava Jato unit investigating crimes at Petrobras
  • Iván Velásquez, Colombian prosecutor, head of the UN-backed investigative body CICIG in Guatemala 
  • Thelma Aldana, Guatemalan attorney general
  • José Ugaz, Peruvian jurist, global chair of Transparency International 
  • Brian Winter, Editor-in-Chief, Americas Quarterly; Vice President, Policy, Americas Society/Council of the Americas (moderator)

Top leaders fighting corruption in Latin America discussed how operations such as Lava Jato in Brazil and the CICIG in Guatemala work in practice, what is changing in the region, and the institutional reforms needed to make systemic graft a thing of the past.  

In its latest issue, Americas Quarterly identifies five "corruption busters" from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. Their stories of persistence define the anti-corruption work sweeping much of the region, resulting in stronger democracies, judicial systems, and civic engagement. Read the complete profile of Latin America’s Top Five Corruption Busters.