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PBS NewsHour: Brian Winter on Jair Bolsonaro's Visit to the White House 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Brian Winter, vice president of AS/COA, spoke with PBS’s NewsHour about the visit Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro paid to President Donald Trump. "There's really no other leader anywhere in the world who has so openly tried to copy the Donald Trump model in terms of both substance and style. That was really what both leaders wanted, to a certain extent, some validation," said Winter about Bolsonaro. 

On how Bolsonaro won the presidency, Winter commented, "In Brazil's case, where they were still immersed in many respects in the worst recession in their history, a country with 63,000 homicides per year, with a massive corruption scandal, a lot of voters heard those kinds of comments and thought, 'Aha, this is a guy who is going to do things differently in Brasília, in the capital.' And so that's why he's in office."