NCF2023: A Sky Full of Stars—Mapping the North American Way with Susan Segal

As co-chair of the North Capital Forum, AS/COA's Susan Segal participated in an opening panel on opportunities for U.S.-Mexican-Canadian collaboration.


  • Alejandro Ramírez, CEO, Cinepolis, NCF23 Co-Chair Mexico
  • Susan Segal, President and CEO, AS/COA, NCF23 Co-Chair USA
  • Rob Wildeboer, Founder and CEO, Martinrea International, NCF23 Co-Chair Canada
  • Enrique Perret. Managing Director, U.S.-Mexico Foundation and Founder and President, North Capital Forum (Moderator)

Susan Segal of AS/COA spoke at a 2023 North Capital Forum co-chair panel titled, "A Sky Full of Stars: Mapping the North American Way," on October 4 in Mexico City. Segal, along with the other two co-chairs of the Forum, spoke about how to strengthen the relationship between Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Segal opened the conversation by sharing the considerable potential for innovation in North America. "When we sit with companies, many talk about...what we could be doing in North America if, in fact, there were some changes." The ensuing discussion shed light on current accomplishments and the region's potential for innovation and economic growth.

The panelist spoke about initiatives that could benefit North America's competitiveness, such as labor mobility. "Borders are just obstacles. We can move the goods across borders very easily. With people, we are not too bad at it," said Rob Wildeboer of Martinrea International. He noted the example of Europe as a region where companies can easily move people to work on a project or to launch a product.

Moderator Enrique Perret asked panelists how to create a narrative that speaks to the advantages of the USMCA trade agreement. "Job creation is the fundamental part, but the other part is that free trade allows for lower costs of goods and services," said Alejandro Ramírez of Cinepolis. Segal added, "We have to start defining our relationship in North America as shared prosperity."