Mexico 2017 Video: Luis Videgaray and Chrystia Freeland on Strategic Issues in the North American Partnership

Mexico's foreign affairs secretary and Canada's global affairs minister affirmed their support for trilateral trade and updating NAFTA for the benefit of all three countries.


  • Luis Videgaray, Secretary, Secretariat of Foreign Affairs
  • Chrystia Freeland, Minister, Department of Global Affairs Canada
  • Jaime José Serra Puche, Founder and President, SAI Derecho & Economía

At the 2017 Latin American Cities Conference in Mexico City, Luis Videgaray, Mexico's secretary of foreign affairs, and Chrystia Freeland, minister at the Canadian Department of Global Affairs, talked about strategies for the partnership of the North American countries. Freeland spoke about how Canadians vastly support the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and at the same time the country welcomes its modernization. "It is certainly a great opportunity to bring it in line with the twenty-first century economy and the realities of those economies," Freeland said. She also explained that, internally, the current administration has focused on strengthening its bilateral relationship with Mexico, and most recently lifted visa requirements for visiting Mexicans. 

"It is not only about trade," Luis Videgaray added. "It's perhaps one of the most complex, richest, relationships around the world. It's about migration, it's about security, it's about culture, education, tourism. Many things that bring us together." Mexico's secretary of foreign affairs also talked about the concepts of fair and unfair trade and asked that North American countries present clear ideas of what should be improved in the countries' trade relations. Speaking on behalf of his government's goals regarding NAFTA's modernization, he said Mexico wants to improve the well-being and the wages of Mexican workers.