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LatinTrade: Susan Segal on the Economic Potential of the Americas

Thursday, December 4, 2014

AS/COA's CEO and President Susan Segal spoke with Latin Trade Group about the economic potential of a more integrated Western Hemisphere. She noted that Mexico's recent reforms and workforce demographics are indicators of future growth, which, when partnered with innovation in the United States, are set to make North America "the most competitive region in the world." Segal also spoke of the opportunity present in economic partnerships like the Pacific Alliance, a model that she expects other economies in the region will follow. An example of such partnerships, she noted, can be seen in the shift in the investment landscape, where more Latin American firms are investing in the United States, Spain, and other regional markets. "I think the opportunity is really bright," Segal said. "I think many people underestimate Latin America...and that many people don't think about North America and the power that Canada, the United States, and Mexico will have in terms of global competitiveness."