Japan, U.S., and Latin America Cooperation for the Free and Open International Order

Council of the Americas, along with a panel of experts, discussed the importance of trade, environmental laws, and strengthening democratic ties between th


  • Maki Kobayashi, Director General, Latin America and Caribbean Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
  • Naotaka Yamaguchi, Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • Alberto Bernal, Chief Emerging Markets and Global Strategist, XP Investments
  • Jonathan C. Hamilton, Partner, White & Case LLP
  • Antonio Ortiz-Mena, Senior Vice President, Albright Stonebridge Group
  • Eric Farnsworth, Vice President, Americas Society/Council of the Americas (moderator)

"The current crisis in Ukraine and Russian aggression confirms the importance of fighting to maintain a rules based international order,” said Maki Kobayashi in her keynote remarks before an AS/COA panel discussion on Japan, U.S., and Latin America and the Caribbean cooperation. Kobayashi and the panel spoke on the importance of the region using trade to facilitate democracy, peace, and security.

Jonathan Hamilton cited politics and state management in Latin America as crucial players in the level of trade and cooperation carried out in the region. Alberto Bernal spoke on the importance of Latin America creating a balance between mining and environmental laws so as not to miss out on the opportunity of tapping into the clean energy transition.

With a focus on making trade more inclusive, better integration of small and medium enterprises should be prioritized in the regional trade agenda to advance policy goals, noted Antonio Ortiz-Mena. Civil society plays a key role in strengthening democracy in the region, said Naotaka Yamaguchi, adding that the region needs active citizen participation in the decision making as it is a fundamental part of democratic societies.