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Highlights - North American Energy Integration: Mexico and Canada

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

From a posture of energy scarcity, North America has moved to abundance. The oil sands in Canada, shale oil and gas development in the United States, and reforms in Mexico indicate that the continent could become an energy superpower. Energy experts gathered on July 30 in Washington to discuss the latest developments of the Mexican energy reform and look at two new Council of the Americas Energy Action Group working papers. Representatives from Canada, Mexico, and the United States talked about what integration means for the region and the world, as well as investment and production priorities for each stakeholder.


  • Hector Castro Vizcarra, Minister of Energy Affairs, Embassy of Mexico
  • Isidro Morales Moreno, Professor, Graduate School of Public Policy and Administration, Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • David Manning, Alberta Representative, Embassy of Canada
  • Graham Campbell, President, Energy Council of Canada
  • Erik Milito, Director of Upstream and Industry Operations, American Petroleum Institute
  • Ramon Espinasa, Lead Oil and Gas Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Christian Gómez, Jr., Director of Energy, Council of the Americas