GZERO: Roberto Simon on the Differences between Bolsonaro and Trump

"Bolsonaro's story resembles what happened in the United States," said the Politics Editor of Americas Quarterly.

GZERO's Alex Kliment sits down with Roberto Simon, Politics Editor of Americas Quarterly, to learn what Brazil's controversial president wants to get out of his meeting with Donald Trump. 

Simon discussed what President Bolsonaro is looking to get with his visit to the United States. "The image of him visiting the Oval Office and looking presidential is important for his core constituence." Simon explained it is also a "way of validating his pro-market agenda."

According to Simon, Bolsonaro's story resembles what happened in the United States. "It is not a coincidence. The Bolsonaro family and Bolsonaro himself borrowed a lot of things from the Trump label, such as dismissing climate change."