Ecuadoran Minister Julio José Prado on Investment in the Country

AS/COA's Brian Winter interviewed the foreign trade and investment minister during the Ecuador Open for Business Conference.


  • Julio José Prado, Minister of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment, and Fisheries, Ecuador
  • Brian Winter, Vice President of Policy, AS/COA; Editor-in-Chief of Americas Quarterly
  • Randy Melzi, Vice President, Public Policy Programs and Corporate Relations, AS/COA 

"What is the competitive advantage Ecuador has compared to other places in the world," asked Brian Winter during the Ecuador Open for Business Conference. The AS/COA vice president interviewed Minister Julio José Prado about investment opportunities in the country. “At this moment, our strategy is to sign 10 new free trade agreements," responded Prado. They discussed Ecuador's role in Latin America. "President Lasso and our government have some of the best relationships with left-leaning governments in South America," said Prado, explaining that Ecuador, which currently has a center-right executive is seeks opportunities to build trade partnerships with countries receptive to open markets.