Earth Works: A Pre-Concert Talk

Composers explained their process when creating music about climate change, the central theme in an Americas Society concert featuring the Orchestra of St. Luke’s.

Composers featured in the concert Earth Works: Music for our Planet, performed Orchestra of St. Luke’s at Americas Society, discussed their process while creating music about climate change. Each spoke about their environmental inspirations and detailed their experience in the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music Composing Earth program.

Iman Habibi talked about how he approached the theme of displacement while composing his piece. Michael Foumai explained how his Hawaiian heritage inspired him to tell stories of climate change through his music, as the island shows the immediate effects of global warming. Akshaya Avril Tucker spoke about the influence of classical Indian music in her work.

Aly Stoffo moderated the conversation. She expounded upon how artists can build a sense of community and boost environmentalism with their cultural work.