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#ChileCOA Video: The Road to APEC

Friday, May 31, 2019


  • Charles Kimber, Senior Vice President, Celulosa Arauco y Constitución S.A.
  • George Lasek, Chief Operating Officer, SMEC
  • Rodrigo Yáñez, Vice Minister of Trade, Chilean General Directorate of International Economic Relations
  • Andrés Varas, Executive Director, APEC CEO Summit (moderator)

As Chile prepares to host international foruns such as APEC and the COP25, the country has the opportunity to serve as both a pillar and a bridge for Asia-Pacific countries in an era of trade wars and protectionism, experts concurred during the second panel of AS/COA’s conference in Santiago. The panelists talked about disruptions in their various sectors and how progress in tecnology and improved know-how, as well as opening dialogue with all on sustainable growth, can advance trade and economic diversification in the country. “My main interest is not just to participate in a cocktail party,” said Charles Kimber when speaking about his engagement in APEC. “How do we take [business ideas and lessons learned] to other parts of the country? We have a huge responsibility, and this needs to be integrated in nearby communities,” he said.