#BRAVOBiz 2022: Driving Latin America's ESG Agenda

Business leaders Barnes, Burlingame, della Maggiora, González, Gunn, Loeb, Mora, and Noreña discussed corporate social responsibility in the Americas.


BRAVO Dialogues: The Private Sector: A Champion for Climate Action

  • Amy Barnes, Head of Climate and Sustainability Strategy, Marsh
  • Fernando González, CEO, CEMEX
  • Eric Loeb, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs, Salesforce
  • Juan Carlos Mora, CEO, Bancolombia
  • Brian Burlingame, CEO, JeffreyGroup (moderator)

BRAVO Dialogues: Leveraging Technology and Business for Social Impact

  • Adriana Noreña, Vice President, Spanish Speaking Latin America, Google
  • Eduardo della Maggiora, Founder and CEO of Betterfly
  • Marcos Gunn, Senior Vice President, Chubb Group and Regional President, Latin America
  • Gabriela Frías, Anchor, CNN en Español (moderator)

At the 27th COA Symposium and BRAVO Business AwardsBrian Burlingame of JeffreyGroup started the "The Private Sector: A Champion for Climate Action" panel by explaining how climate change is not just a theoretical but an everyday reality for many communities across the Americas. As such, the panelists discussed how climate change is affecting businesses, and how businesses are affecting climate change in Latin America.

"We need to think of that physical risk far more than just the land itself," Amy Barnes of Marsh explained, citing farmers' meager yields and its impact on migration and local communities.  "It is impossible to work on climate change if we don't work on social issues," agreed Juan Carlos Mora of Bancolombia.

In the "Leveraging Technology and Business for Social Impact" panel, Adriana Noreña of Google said that technology is key to combating climate change. She cited artificial intelligence as a way to invest and make decisions that are more environmentally efficient. "That is becoming more and more relevant and important in the situation we're in today," she said.

"The private sector has a significant role [in changing the work environment]," said Eduardo della Maggiora of Betterfly, said. "The change will come from the private sector." He mentioned that putting people first is an important step that the private sector can take to improve people's lives and to increase productivity.