BRAVO Symposium: Global Trends Shaping Latin America's Business Landscape

Following welcome remarks, panelists discussed opportunities in climate mitigation, healthcare, and cybersecurity at the 2023 COA Symposium.


  • Todd Martinez, Co-Head of Americas Sovereign Ratings, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings 
  • Marcos Gunn, Senior Vice President, Chubb Group and Regional President, Latin America 
  • Rosana Padilla, President, Latin America, Kenvue 
  • Helmut Reisinger, CEO, EMEA & LATAM, Palo Alto Networks
  • Gabriela Frías, Business Anchor, CNN en Español (moderator)
  • Susan Segal, President & CEO, AS/COA

"I think the word of the day, especially in this very volatile global context, is 'resilience'," said Todd Martinez of Fitch Ratings at the 2023 COA Symposium and 28th BRAVO Business Awards. In a panel entitled, "Global Trends Shaping Latin America's Business Landscape," Martinez noted that, despite challenging trends, Latin America's growth outlook remains positive—with six countries having their sovereign ratings upgraded this year so far.

"In this era of rapid change, it’s vital for us to understand, adapt, and capitalize on the global trends that influence the prosperity of our communities and future of our businesses while recognizing the opportunities for intersection within our industries," explained Susan Segal of AS/COA. In the panel, speakers explained how they are approaching various challenges to find areas for growth. Marcos Gunn of Chubb reviewed opportunities around climate mitigation while Rosana Padilla of Kenvue focused on how the promotion of self-care can augment health systems. She explained, "Increasing and shaping public policy on self-care, which we don’t have in Latin America, can bring $7.2 billion to savings in healthcare systems."

One of the great opportunities for the region centers around digitization. But Helmut Reisinger of Palo Alto Networks warned about the threat of cybersecurity and the need for a revamped approach. "Stop thinking of isolated security solutions. Think holistically," he said.