BRAVO Symposium: Brazil's Payments Revolution with Roberto Campos Neto

The central banker discussed Pix, the digital payment system, at the 2023 COA Symposium and 28th BRAVO Business Awards.


  • Roberto Campos Neto, Governor, Banco Central do Brasil 
  • João Vitor Menin, CEO, Banco Inter 
  • Wagner Ruiz, Co-Founder & Board Member, EBANX 
  • Annali Duarte, Head of Global Transaction Services, Latin America, Bank of America 
  • Moderator: Vivianne Rodrigues, Executive Editor - Emerging Markets, Bloomberg

"We should have offline wallets, so people could transfer offline small amounts of money and use that without having signal. But contrary to what I expected, banks have not developed that," said Roberto Campos Neto, the governor of Banco Central do Brasil, at the 2023 COA Symposium and 28th BRAVO Business Awards. Campos Neto joined the Symposium to accept the BRAVO Beacon of Innovation Award on behalf of Pix, Brazil's pioneering digital payment method.

Campos Neto said that in the future, he'd like to see the digital payments industry advance with offline wallets, digital wallets, and the ability to access Pix in fewer clicks. What comes next, he said, is enhancing financial education.

Moderator Vivianne Rodrigues of Bloomberg asked the panelists about their experiences democratizing the Brazilian financial system. João Vitor Menin of Banco Inter said he realized he could bring a lot of clients. To do so, he had to "promote how easy it was to change from another bank to a new bank, to a digital bank like ourselves," referring to the payment method Pix.

Still, Annali Duarte of Bank of America said that there is work to be done on increasing cybersecurity. "The benefit of dealing with fraud is also the opportunity to change the way we are doing things today and also open the market to tax payments," she said.