BRAVO Leadership Conversation: CEO of Falabella Gaston Bottazzini

The retail executive talked with BCG's Jorge Becerra about the digital transformation, growing businesses regionally, and inclusion initiatives.


  • Gaston Bottazzini, CEO, Falabella
  • Jorge Becerra, Emeritus Senior Partner and Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group (moderator)

"What we're trying to do is build a new ecosystem in the digital world that complements what we've done in the physical world," said Gaston Bottazzini of Falabella. The CEO spoke to Jorge Becerra of BCG in a BRAVO Leadership conversation about his efforts to transform and grow his company, one of the Latin America’s largest retailers.

Bottazzini explained his approach to guiding Falabella through several current transformations, including the digital revolution, which is pushing Bottazzini to rethink his company entirely as it enhances its online presence. "We are no longer defining our business vertically, but as platforms,” he said. 

Bottazzini also described how the company is moving beyond its traditional approach of giving directives from company’s headquarters in Chile. “How do we break that mold and start leveraging the whole region as a starting point for the different initiatives?” he asked. Part of the strategy is promoting a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace across the organization, which Bottazzini said must be a priority for any company.