BRAVO Dialogues: The Road to One Trillion Trees

Experts from companies committed to nature-positive strategy shared lessons and discussed the role of partnerships in conservation and reducing emissions.


  • Tim Christophersen, Vice President, Climate Action, Salesforce 
  • Santiago Martinez Ochoa, Head of Sustainability and Decarbonization, Ecopetrol
  • Helena Pavese, Executive Manager, Environment, Suzano 
  • Nicole Schwab, Director, and Nature-Based Solutions, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum (moderator)
  • Maria Lourdes Teran, Vice President, AS/COA Miami Office (Introduction)

More than half of the annual global GDP—$44 trillion—is potentially threatened by nature loss, according to the World Economic Forum's (WEF) initiative. More than 80 companies have pledged to conserve and restore over 7 billion trees in more than 65 countries. In this digital BRAVO Dialogues event, companies participating in the WEF program gathered to share lessons learned on building strategies and scaling the impact of conservation and restore forests around the world. The experts shared what Salesforce, Ecopetrol, and Suzano are doing, stressing that investment, partnerships, and coordination are crucial for the private sector to make a difference. 

Salesforce's Tim Christophersen talked about how the need to invest and simplify recommendations to the private sector as emissions, biodiversity, and the fast-paced science guidelines are an "alphabet soup" for many. When addressing the power of partnerships, he said that companies, civil society, and government need to act on their targets. "We need to move from a situation where as a global civilization we're an uncoordinated group of football players to make sure everyone steps up their game," he said.

Helena Pavese noted the importance of partnerships at the local, national, and global level and explored Suzano's plans to restore and protect four million of hectares of forest land, an area the size of Switzerland, in Brazil. 

Ecopetrol's Santiago Martinez Ochoa discussed investing in local communities with long-term goals and having projects at scale, explaining that 60 percent of Colombia's emissions are related to deforestation and land use changes.