AS/COA WHN 2022: Finding Fulfillment in Reshaping Your Career Path

Business leaders gave advice on how to get the most out of your career.


  • Nur Cristiani, Head of Latin America Investment Strategy, J.P. Morgan Private Bank
  • Pippa Scarlett, Head of Global Government Affairs, RELX
  • Rafael Chaves, Global Policy, Government Affairs and ESG Executive Director at Organon
  • Shelly Banjo, New York Bureau Chief, Bloomberg (moderator)

Windows of opportunity open and close, Organon's Rafael Chaves said at the 11th Annual AS/COA Women's Hemispheric Network Conference. “When the opportunity comes, grab it. Go after it. The absolutely ideal time to change a path or to change a career will never be there. It’s almost impossible.” Chaves said that as you're looking for a new career, you should "never walk away from something. Always work toward something."

Nur Cristiani of J.P. Morgan echoed that sentiment. She advised against rushing into another opportunity just because it's available. "The right opportunity will always come along,” she said. Cristiani also suggested always looking to grow. “You should be making your own job description every single day because if you stick to the job description given to you by HR the moment that they hired you, I’m sorry, you’re screwed,” she said.

Pippa Scarlett of RELX said her approach to leadership involves a global mindset, flexibility, and situational awareness regarding people. "Because of the role, I have to think about the globe," she said. "I don’t think one way of doing anything will work universally." 

Moderator Shelly Banjo of Bloomberg suggested asking for what you want. “I always thought, ‘oh this job, there’s nothing posted, there’s nothing to apply for.’ What if you come up with your own job and pitch it to your manager?" she asked. "The more times you ask…it’s really hard for people to say no to you."