#2024WCA: Jake Sullivan on U.S.-Americas Partnership

The U.S. national security advisor covered the Biden administration's efforts to promote cooperation within the region.


  • Andrés Gluski, Chairman, Council of the Americas, President & CEO, AES Corporation
  • Jake Sullivan, U.S. National Security Advisor, The White House

In a May 7 luncheon for COA members at the State Department for the 54th Washington Conference on the Americas, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan began his remarks by recalling President Joe Biden's speech on the same occasion 11 years ago, stressing U.S. efforts to work with other countries in the Americas to boost equal partnership and reinforce common values amid challenges in the region. 

Sullivan explained the partnership translates in free-trade agreements, resilient supply chains, support for an energy transition, and a more strategic vision for the United States to serve as "the most trusted economic partner in the region." Sullivan pointed to initiatives such as investment in semiconductors in Costa Rica and  next year's America's Partnership Leaders Summit next year.

When it comes to addressing the challenges in the region together, Sullivan said Washington "is committed to defending democracy across and with the Americas," saying the government will keep pressuring Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro to allow free and fair elections this year. He also cited joint actions between countries such as the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and regulatory actions tackling money laundering and synthetic drugs, as well as a partnership with Brazil on workers rights. He concluded stressing strong democracies and continuing cooperation across the region is what will make a prosperous future in the region.