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#2020WCA Video: David Malpass, President of the World Bank Group

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


  • David Malpass, President, World Bank Group
  • Susan Segal, President and CEO, Americas Society/Council of the Americas
  • Eric Farnsworth, Vice President, Council of the Americas

"We're not fated to go into one direction." That was one of the messages World Bank Group President David Malpass had to Latin American governments when discussing the region's recovery in a post-pandemic world at COA's 2020 Washington Conference on the Americas. The future of these economies, he told AS/COA President and CEO Susan Segal, will depend on what each country does. 

Malpass explained that coun tries need to take meaningful steps and actions that would mitigate the blow now, allowing capital and labor to move from industries that don't survive into jobs needed after the crisis. "Governments can’t create all the jobs needed for the people losing their jobs now," he said, adding that countries must take social inclusion into account. The former U.S. treasury under secretary for international affairs said cooperation and transparency are going to be critical in creating the attractive investment climates that could boost recovery.

Malpass also told the audience about his years as member of the Council of the Americas and described the Washington Conference on the Americas as "one of the most dependable, value-added events in Washington.” Before his discussion with Segal started, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau, whose father served as president of AS/COA from 1985–1993, gave pre-recorded video remarks highlighting the importance of our organizations and promoting private investment in Latin America.