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Vanda Scartezini

Co-Founder, Polo Consultores Associados IT Trend

Vanda Scartezini is a co-founder and active partner Polo Consultores, a Brazilian IT consulting firm. She also acts as president of ALTIS, a software & service outsourcing company, and as chair of the board of FITEC, an ICT R&D foundation. Additionally, she is an associate partner of the Getulio Vargas Foundation Projects and member of the board of ABES, the Brazilian Software Industry Association, of INSTITUTO ELDORADO an IC Research Institution and advisory board member of Perform Management, and Turnaround Consulting, a Brazilian Consulting Company. She served as national secretary of Industrial Technology and as national secretary of Information Technology in the Brazilian Federal Government. Scartezini is also former president of the Brazilian Patent Office. From 2000 until March 2004 she was the Brazilian representative on the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee.