Sergio Massa

National Deputy of the Province of Buenos Aires

Hon. Sergio Massa currently serves as a national deputy representing the province of Buenos Aires from the Frente Renovador party in the Argentine National Congress. Before joining the National Congress, he was the mayor of Tigre, a town in the province of Buenos Aires, until 2013. Massa was first elected mayor in October 2007 before taking a leave of absence in July 2008 to serve as the chief of staff to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Prior to that position, he was a state representative for the province of Buenos Aires and the executive director of the National Administration of Social Security (ANSES). Massa has a Law degree from the Universidad de Belgrano.

Hon. Sergio Massa es diputado nacional por la provincia de Buenos Aires. Anteriormente se desempeñó como intendente del partido de Tigre en la provincia de Buenos Aires de 2007 a 2013. Antes de ser elegido intendente, fue diputado por la Provincia de Buenos Aires y Director Ejecutivo de ANSES. Entre 2008 y 2009 se desempeñó como Jefe de Gabinete de la Nación Argentina, durante el gobierno de Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Massa se graduó como abogado en la Universidad de Belgrano.